Why Choose PBI

Protection Comfort Durability

These are the reasons why PBI fabrics have been trusted by fire services all over the world for over 30 years. At PBI, our single focus is to develop products that will protect firefighters in the most extreme conditions. PBI fabrics give firefighters absolute confidence in their protection, allowing them to work safely and effectively. PBI fabrics will not become brittle, shrink or break open when exposed to flame and extreme temperatures. They maintain the integrity of the fire suit and allow more time to reach safety in a flashover.  PBI fabrics have excellent tensile strength and their performance is proven in regular independent tests and operational deployment.



High Flame Resistance

This dynamic flame-test video demonstrates the time it takes for an outer shell fabric to break down. As you can see, the meta-aramid blend breaks down much earlier than the PBI-blended fabric.

Unmatched break-open protection

The decomposition temperature at which PBI starts to degrade is 720°C, far exceeding meta-aramids, thus offering superior break-open and thermal protection.

Proven in the field for 30 years

PBI-blended outer shells have been trusted in the fire service for over 30 years. Recognized as the leading high-performance outer shells, they are the preferred choice of large active departments around the world.*

*Approximate calculation